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We wanted to write a short note offering a bit of explanation as to what we are doing here in our little corner of the Internet, and also to give you some background about who Keep and Bear is and why we’re doing this.

For too long we, the public, have been at the mercy of the major mass media in America. First it was the major print media, the New York Times, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, etc. Then it was the broadcast networks, CBS, NBC, ABC. Then it was the cable networks — CNN, MSNBC, Fox News. Finally, the major Internet companies came along and have been as corrupt as their forbears — Google, Facebook, Yahoo — all are as openly biased and unjust as the media companies who came before them.

Our answer to this problem is Keep and Bear.

It will have your byline and you will get full credit for the piece.

Many of you already do this every day on your social media pages or your own personal blogs. We are asking you to consider doing it at our site.

Why? Why would you switch from your comfortable Facebook page to a new website?

One word. READERS.

We can offer you the opportunity to put your work in front of the people. Where it matters most!

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