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NRA is offering insurance for gun owners who are willing to shoot in self defense! Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well it’s true!

The NRA has always been on the gun owner’s side. They fought for us to be able to carry in public, and then fought to pass laws that would allow us to open fire to stop a threat….even if retreat is an option.

However, now that they fought for those open doors, there is a whole new world of legality. If you must fire in self defense, then there will be a police investigation, which will likely be followed in legal fees if you must go to court. Those legal costs can be crippling. Here is where the new insurance plans comes in.

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As the NRA prepares to convene its annual meeting this weekend in Atlanta, the group is aggressively marketing the new product, which it calls Carry Guard. Offering three tiers of coverage, the service gives customers access to a financial and logistical backstop should they use their gun while claiming self defense. There’s liability insurance, ranging up to $150,000 in criminal-defense reimbursement and $1 million in a civil-liability protection for those opting for the top-shelf Gold package, which runs $31.95 per month. Members also get a 24-hour advice hotline and immediate access to money for bail and clean-up costs.

Carry Guard appears to replace an earlier, less comprehensive self-defense insurance policy offered by the NRA. The new package is built to meet or exceed the coverage plans that a number of quickly growing startups have brought to the gun world — even as comparable insurance products remain rare outside it.

“Covering potential criminal liability is certainly unusual,” Peter Kochernburger, the deputy director of the Insurance Law Center at the University of Connecticut, told The Trace. “But if people are concerned about their liability with respect to self-defense, they’re not wrong to get the coverage.”

Carry Guard also includes an instructional component, promising that members will have access to the “gold standard” of concealed-carry training programs. The three-day intensive course will launch in June.

“While the courses are open to anyone who legally owns a handgun, this training may not be for everyone,” the Carry Guard website reads. “It is designed for those who take carrying seriously.”

Through its political messaging and various media platforms, the NRA portrays for its members a world that is overrun with terrorists and violent criminals — a threat always around the next corner, and a gun on the hip the only guarantee of survival. Carry Guard allows the organization to profit from a mindset it actively engineered.

“If you can insure for an event that is very unlikely, but people think is common, you’ll get a ton of money and pay out very little,” Kochenburger said.

While the actual need to shoot in self defense is not as common as people think, it is still nice to know that if you must pull that trigger to save yourself, or someone else, then you are not alone in the legal battle.



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