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Given the lengths that the left have already gone to in order to disparage our President, it comes as no surprise that Americans are less enthused than ever about the annual White House Press Correspondent’s Dinner.

The affair has been a bit snarky for years, as the “journalists” in the room all attempt to out-edgy one another with cringeworthy, hacked together material that surely compromises a lion’s share of CSPAN’s YouTube advertising revenue.

The President has already made it clear where he stands on the waning affair.

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So, how will the mainstream media of old somehow keep interest high in the event, without the President himself in attendance?  As it turns out, they’re going to refer to rule #1 of the advertising business:  Sex sells.

Liberal media favorite Stormy Daniels is making all the right connections in the anti-Trump world. And though it seems like she’s devouring the publicity, there’s still one Trump-bashing PR event that she’s reportedly reluctant to attend: the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.

Still, that won’t deter opportunistic media looking to whip the anti-Trump base into a frenzy.

For the past week, many media outlets have been asking if Daniels (Aka Stephanie Clifford) will attend the dinner alongside her scrappy lawyer, Michael Avenatti. Avenatti, who’s attending the April 28 black-tie gala as a guest of the Associated Press, stated that Daniels has so far declined all invitations. He also kept his mouth shut about which media platforms invited Daniels.

So now, instead of only having to listen to every liberal reporters’ offensive Russian accents, we’ll also be exposed a great many internal visuals of the President, mid-coitus with a porn star.

Ahh, the glory of government.

Instead of presiding over the smearing of fecal matter all over his administration by CNN and friends, the President has decided to hold a rally, emulating his tactic from last year.

The president’s campaign announced Tuesday that Trump will hold a rally on April 28 in Michigan.

The event in the town of Washington, which is outside Detroit, is slated to begin around the same time as the glitzy gala in the far more well-known Washington, D.C.

Trump has skipped the dinner both years he has been in office.

But this year, unlike in 2017, he has encouraged aides to attend. Some, however, will be needed to staff the just-announced rally.

We can only assume that the President’s rally will be a hot take directed straight into the heart of the legacy media, on a night when he will surely outdraw their viewership by orders of magnitude.



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