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Americans have long held a specific distinction when it comes to military hardware worldwide:  We’re on top of the food chain, and we plan on staying there.

This hasn’t always been the case, however.  In many ways, the later months of World War II proved that we were susceptible to being usurped by a nation even as small as Germany, who by many accounts were on their way to the atomic bomb at nearly the same rate that we were…after stealing their scientists.

There is no doubt that Hitler was ahead of the U.S. in rocket technology, and defeating his armies in Germany may have held priority over a conclusion to the Pacific theater based on this reality alone.

Ever since World War II, however, Uncle Sam has been top dog.  And that’s only based on the information that we allow the world to see.  How far beyond could we be in terms of future weapons in our secret labs out in the New Mexico desert?

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Earlier this week we had ourselves a little scare, however, as reports were emerging from the Far East that included the terrifying phrase “laser AK 47”.

The weapons was said to be able to light clothes on fire from 800 meters away, silently, and invisibly.  Now, purported video evidence of the device has been uploaded to the internet.


While the production here isn’t quite at George Lucas’ level, the implications are still crystal clear.

As previously reported, the AK-47-sized ZKZM-500 laser rifle is said to be able to “instantly carbonize” human tissue, set a person on fire, and make them feel “pain beyond endurance” at ranges reaching some 800 meters. Built by ZKZM Laser, the weapon, expected to cost about $15,000 when it reaches production, is powered by a “rechargeable lithium battery pack similar to those found in smartphones” and could fire some 1,000 shots, each lasting about two seconds.

In the above footage, the invisible laser is shown burning quietly through paper, an Adidas printed tee and a rubber tire in a low production value clip. According to the South China Morning Post, a Hong Kong-based English language media outlet, the footage was shot on a rooftop in Xian in China’s Shaanxi province, in May.

I don’t know about y’all, but I wouldn’t hate it if President Trump were to hold a press conference this afternoon showing off some next level military hardware that we’ve been tinkering away with at Area 51.  Or maybe just drop a few more MOAB’s out in the desert to remind the world what we’re working with over here.


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