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The reactionary “resistance” movement has found themselves a new path to infringing upon our Second Amendment rights, and their popular plan is sweeping the nation.

While the all-important Second Amendment should be well protected by those four magical words, shall not be infringed, the left has continually pushed for an evolution of the right.  Of course, the intended purpose of the right to bear arms has already been somewhat defeated, as civilians are forbidden from owning weaponry that could truly  allow them to compete with a government/military incursion on the population – the express, written reason for even allowing the populace to be armed.

Despite that reality being largely ignored by the American leftists, their progressive political machine continues to mow down the ability of We The People to properly arm themselves.  Their latest tactic in this fight comes in the form of new age requirements for the purchase of rifles, with locales around the nation arbitrarily pushing that number to 21 years of age as opposed to 18.

Even some gun shops have decided to install new policies that supersede the federal age limits on guns – a practice that the Firearms Policy Coalition has expressed grave concerns about.

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Now, one Washington State legislator is putting his foot down on the practice.

“Sen. Keith Wagoner, R-Sedro-Woolley is raising concerns about Senate Bill 6620 he says would ban young adults from purchasing certain firearms based simply on age.

“’Instead of a limited category of semi-automatic weapons, the bill now targets all semi-automatic rifles. These are normal everyday hunting and target shooting rifles that millions of law-abiding citizens own and use in a responsible manner.’

“Wagoner’s staff claims statistics show there have been about 153 mass shootings nationwide since the first acknowledged civilian mass shooting in 1966. Wagoner said only 12 of the shooters involved would have been affected by the proposed gun-purchase ban. Out of that group of twelve, nine had known psychiatric issues that could have been addressed under a state mental-health law already on the books.

“’To put this bill in perspective, it would infringe on the rights of hundreds of thousands of law-abiding Washington citizens because of a description that fits only three mass shooters nationwide in the past 52 years,’ Wagoner explained.”

Wagoner’s research brings us back to a critical piece of the American gun puzzle: Mental health.

The sole reason for this recent push to eliminate semi-automatic rifles comes to us from Parkland, Florida, where a mentally disturbed teen killed 17 of his former classmates on Valentine’s Day, by happenstance, using a rifle.

The mentally ill teen confessed that he was hearing demonic voices within his head, instructing him in how best to commit this atrocity.

Gun or no gun, this young man was going to kill, and, despite nearly four dozen preemptive warnings received by police and the FBI, nothing was done.


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