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Repealing the Second Amendment is likely impossible, thanks to the clause’s self-important piece of insurance that’s written right into the text itself, and the liberal left have adjusted their tactics accordingly.

Knowing that a full repeal of the amendment itself would make the Mississippi River run red with blood, the left has chosen the path of least resistance, latching onto tragedies such as the one in Parkland, Florida, in order to launch piece-meal attacks on the right to bear arms.

The Las Vegas massacre may be a better example.  Shooter Stephen Paddock had modified some of his weaponry in order to allow himself to pull the trigger faster, using something known as a “bump stock”.  This device does not make a semi-automatic rifle a “machine gun” as the left as claimed, rather, it allows the user to train on a different trigger.

After Paddock was dispatched by local authorities, and the bump stocks were reported on, the media sharks of the left began to swarm, feeding on the “bump stock” keyword as though they hadn’t eaten in weeks.  Soon, legislation was thrashing around in the far flung corners of America that would make the devices illegal.  Banned.  Infringed upon.

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And, just as the left hoped, they’ve been able to build on this momentum, chipping away at our nation’s most important right.

Take Vermont, for example, who is taking their gun grabbing antics to a new level this week.

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott on Wednesday signed sweeping gun control measures — including limits on the size of magazines — that the Legislature passed last month after contentious debate.

The measures:
— Raise the minimum age for gun buyers to 21;
— Ban bump stocks, which allow semiautomatic weapons to fire more rapidly;
— Require all gun transactions to be facilitated by a licensed dealer who would perform background checks, except for law enforcement or military members acting within their duties, or for gun transfers between immediate family members;
— Limit rifle magazines to 10 rounds.
State residents will be permitted to keep larger-capacity magazines they already own.
As he signed the measures, Scott, a Republican, called himself a Second Amendment supporter who owns guns and has hunted his whole life. But he said continued mass shootings in the United States and a recently foiled school shooting plot at Fair Haven Union High School in Vermont “forced me to do some soul searching.”
Allowing the government to decide what protection you’re allowed to have against them is exactly the opposite of what the Founders intended.  It’s like a rat deciding what type of bait you’ll put in the trap.
While the left is content with their whittling away of our rights, bit by bit, supporters of the Second Amendment rightfully own the absolution clause;  you’re either free, or you’re not.  In the case of Vermont, the sad truth is the latter.


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