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The Second Amendment is an all important piece of American liberty, and has always been available to a wide variety of our nation’s people.

But that hasn’t alway translated to a wide-ranging appeal, thanks to the incredibly consistent opposition shown by the liberal left.  These progressive, anti-gun cliques have long preyed on the nation’s emotional response to tragedy in order to push their brand of totalitarian ideology when it comes to firearms, and that tactic has long pushed young people and women away from the United States’ thriving gun culture.

Luckily, as our country continues to develop our current conservative reawakening, the appeal of the Second Amendment is finally beginning to expand into some of the lesser affected demographics, and we are seeing a number of women and young people being welcomed to the fold.

The number of female shooters and hunters has increased dramatically over the course of the last few years, specifically, as the gun industry scrambles to make them feel welcome.

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Now, even Glamour magazine has been forced to recognize this incredibly inclusive transformation of the all-important right.  In a recent issue of the publication, female gun owners were asked a number of questions regarding their choices within the realm of 2A, and their answers were quite telling.

“Glamour asked all the women the same question, ‘Why do you have a gun?’ The vast majority simply responded that they owned guns for ‘protection’ or ‘self-defense.’ But there those who owned guns for sport as well.

“The women were asked how they react when people question the value of private gun ownership. Twenty-four-year-old Chrysti Ane said, ‘My own personal belief is that I do feel safer with a gun,’ 38-year-old Crystal said, ‘If they don’t like it, then don’t carry one,’ and 54-year-old Charlene added, ‘If you don’t like guns, that’s fine. Don’t tell me and don’t preach to me that “guns are bad,” and this and that. Guns don’t kill people.'”

Glamour then went for the jugular, with a liberally-beloved angle to the argument…but the answers they received were in no way falling within the realms of leftist logic.

“Each woman was also asked, “When mass shootings or school shootings happen—like the [school shooting in Kentucky on January 23]—does it ever make you rethink your position?”

“The women predominantly answered, ‘No,’ indicating that criminal misuse of firearms does not make them rethink their support of the Second Amendment. Others went even further and explained that criminal misuse of firearms only bolsters their determination to armed to defend themselves, should be they find themselves under attack.”

These answers seem to indicate that Americans are on the right track when it comes to gun ownership.  Not only are the demographics of gun owners expanding daily, but the attitudes exuded by these women belie a hearty understanding of what it means to express this freedom safely and responsibly.


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