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Certainly, the American military is the most advanced fighting force on the planet, but technology isn’t always an adequate replacement for quality and execution.

In our modern world, one of the most frightening threats that we face comes from half a world away, in the form of intercontinental ballistic missiles belonging to North Korea.  Just last year the Hermit Kingdom successfully launched three such devices, all believed to be capable of reaching as far as Chicago, Illinois conservatively.  This has sent American national defense officials scrambling.

Of course, the THAAD system, or Terminal High Altitude Aerial Defense system, has long been in place to theoretically thwart any incoming nastiness in the form of North Korean nukes.  Successful tests of the system have been conducted within the last few months, unequivocally showing Kim Jong Un and his cronies how futile his efforts are.

Now, however, the U.S. is looking to diversify their options in the war for modern aerial supremacy, and they’re turning to the tried and true Howitzers of the Army to do so.

“The U.S. Army’s M109A6 Paladin and M777 155-millimeter howitzers are designed to lob high explosive, smoke, and other projectiles up to 18 miles. Someone in the Pentagon’s Strategic Capabilities Office took a look at those howitzers and decided they would make great vehicles for a Hyper Velocity Projectile (HVP). Traveling at 5,600 miles an hour, the projectiles could intercept incoming ballistic missile warheads at a projected $86,000 per shot.

“By itself, each HVP would have a much lower kill probability. However, howitzers can fire several rounds in quick succession, and a typical six-to-eight-gun field artillery battery could fire up to two dozen rounds in 15 seconds. Even better, the U.S. Army already fields hundreds of howitzers. Field artillery typically stations itself a short distance behind the battlefield, a good shortstop position to intercept enemy missiles attacking friendly forces either on the front line or far to the rear.”
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Even more important, however, is the fact the these Howitzer defense programs could easily be expanded into the U.S. Navy, paving the way for an agile and highly mobile version of the system that could be parked anywhere in the Pacific for maximum effect.

In other words, Kim Jong Un doesn’t stand a chance of tossing his latest technology onto the American continent thanks to the big, old guns we’ve been relying on for decades.


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