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No matter the impassioned pleas coming from the constitutional conservatives of the nation, our democratic countrymen refuse to listen to the truth about the Second Amendment.

Of course, the left understands our arguments.  They simply do not care.  The Second Amendment is the only thing standing between them and the ability to forcefully coerce a nation into submission.  Whatever their end-goal is, they need our guns gone in order to achieve it.

And so, without fail, the left chooses to exploit any and all tragedies involving firearms as “the last straw”.  Currently, we are in the heavy gravitational pull of the Parkland, Florida high school shooting of last month, with the liberal “March For Our Lives” having just commenced in the nation’s capital.

Of course, with the help of their comrades in the mainstream media, the left is going for the jugular this time around, even spurring a number of undeniably treasonous trends on Twitter.

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Shortly after the publication of an op-ed written by former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court John Paul Stevens for the New York Times titled “Repeal The Second Amendment,” the same phrase began to trend on Twitter. Many Twitter users began retweeting Stevens’ article and commenting on the issue of firearms and the second amendment. The hashtag has begun trending just days after the March For Our Livesprotest in Washington D.C.

The Top News section of the trending topic featured a link to Stevens’ article which displayed an image comparing an 18th-century rifle to a modern semi-automatic rifle. The tagline for the article reads “This weekend’s marches make it clear: To enact real gun control, we need to change the constitution.”

This dangerous and short-sighted opinion is very literally the epitome of anti-American sentiment.  Our Founding Fathers lived through harrowing times in which gun control and and an overreaching government culminated in a bloody battle to establish freedom in our nation, and as a beacon of hope for the entire planet.

There is no doubt that, today, the government is still overreaching.  The Affordable Care Act is but one example of this, and any libertarian worth their salt could easily drop a few dozen more examples of such nonsense in a matter of minutes.

Should the government succeed in chinking the armor of the Second Amendment, or repealing it as this article suggested, what would be left to stop the the feds from further encroaching on the will of We The People?

And please, democrats, stop trying to tell us that muskets would stand a chance against the U.S. government.


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