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Over the past 50-years, there have been around 20,000 gun control laws passed and yet the number of mass shootings, including church and school shootings continue to increase, resulting the age-old call for more gun control as if that will help, but obviously it hasn’t.

After the Parkland shooting, everyone in Washington DC is talking gun control. They are pushing to raise the minimum age for buying a gun, to banning bump-fire stocks, to banning all semi-automatic weapons and expanding background checks.

At first, it seemed that President Donald Trump may be supportive of some of these measures, but he has also indicated that he is considering a measure to arm and train teachers nationwide. This is quickly receiving the ire of Democrats and the mainstream media, but in today’s culture, it’s the best way of protecting students, by having teachers as the first armed responders on the scene immediately at the start of a shooting.

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(Great American Politics) – Magma is rock that has been heated up to around 2,000°F or hotter. The rock becomes liquid, burning everything in its path. Often when magma builds up under the earth’s surface, it begins to rise. The process is slow and may take many years, but eventually, the magma reaches close enough to the surface where it begins to affect the earth’s surface, accompanied by a number of small earthquakes. The pressure from the magma often distorts the earth’s surface, pushing it up until something happens to allow the magma to break through the surface in an eruption that we call a volcano. When volcanos erupt, they can be quite devastating, destroying everything within miles, like what happened when Mount St. Helens erupted and wiped out surrounding forest, carving out a miniature Grand Canyon and changing the landscape and Crystal Lake.

Mass shootings, church shootings and school shootings are like magma, only instead of molten rock, the pressure that’s been building is called gun control. In the past year, we saw eruptions occur in Las Vegas with the mass shooting of hundreds of people attending a country music festival. There was another eruption in Sutherland Springs, Texas, when 46 people were shot (26 killed and 20 wounded).

Those eruptions began a whole new round of calls for more gun control.

Then a disturbed young man entered a high school in Parkland, Florida…

The call for more gun control laws and gun bans being touted by Democrats and the mainstream media have nothing to do with reducing or preventing gun violence and school shootings, but has everything to do with destroying the Second Amendment and the rights of the American people, so they can further usher in their socialist form of government and complete their destruction of our nation.





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