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A great many lives were altered in Parkland, Florida on Valentine’s Day 2018, and perhaps even the course of our nation’s history was affected as well.  One this is for sure:  We’ll never be the same.

On that day, 19 year old Nikolas Cruz took instruction from “demon voices” that he heard within his own head, and killed 17 people, including 16 students at Stoneman Douglas High School – his alma mater.  Cruz was unmolested by even a single police officer or security staff member during his rampage, and was only apprehend when he attempted to blend in with other evacuating children.

Outside, a former deputy with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office had decided to shield himself from the danger while waiting for backup.  That backup arrived, and the entire crew proceeded to wait outside the school until the shooting had ended.

All of this cowardice was captured on video.

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Now, as if to add insult to injury nearly 5 months later, we are being told the tale of another member of Stoneman Douglas’ security team.

Security team member David Taylor has been barred from setting foot on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School campus following news that he allegedly hid in a closet while 17 individuals were gunned down on February 14.

The Sun Sentinel reports that Taylor was a “security watchman” at the school.  He was alerted to the fact that a possible shooter was on campus by fellow security watchman Andrew Medina, then allegedly responded to the sounds of gunfire by hiding “in a janitor’s closet.”

Even more despicable was this admission:

Medina saw the shooter, who was as former student, enter campus and said he was walking like he was “on a mission.” He said that when he saw the former student he recognized him immediately, that it was “like night and day.” Medina added, “I had a feeling when I saw him, and then when he looked back at me, and I made eye contact with him, I said, ‘That’s him.’”

Medina added, “And to be honest, something inside of me told me not to approach him.” He said, “I was ready to go get him then something, right when I was pulling up in the golf cart, and he looked back, something was like, ‘Just let him go and report it, make sure [David Taylor] inside is good.’”

What possible good can a cowardly security guard be, anyhow?

All levels of authority failed us in Parkland, from the FBI’s mishandling of an eerily-clear warning about Cruz all the way down to our mop-closet miscreant mentioned here.  Our nation deserves better.


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