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We have spoken a great deal over the last few months about the reality of repealing the Second Amendment, or, more accurately, the reality that this will never, ever happen.

It’s just simply impossible to have an America without the right to bear arms.  Not only was this an intrinsic principle that the Founding Fathers felts was nearly as important as the right to free speech and freedom of religion, but the amendment itself is an insurance policy against anyone attempting to take that right away.

This hasn’t stopped the liberal left, however, from attempting to make gun ownership a royal pain in order to discourage Americans from taking up the mantle.  Thanks to an incredibly powerful court ruling last week, however, the left may just want to give up now and focus on hugging trees or whatever it is that they do when they’re not disparaging patriotic Americans.

The federal government has finally recognized the obvious – that sharing instructions on how to make guns with 3D printers counts as constitutionally protected speech. Despite little fanfare, this is an important victory for First Amendment rights. It also represents a real blow to the increasingly futile cause of gun control.

The U.S. Justice Department announced a legal settlement and its surrender to the First Amendment arguments July 10 made in a case brought by Cody Wilson, founder of Defense Distributed. Wilson, 25, created a ruckus in May 2013 when he announced his successful design of a plastic gun. In just two days, 100,000 copies of the handgun blueprint were downloaded from Wilson’s website.

The most downloads came from Spain, followed by the U.S., Brazil and Germany. The heavy downloading in Spain, Brazil and Germany likely reflected attempts to evade extremely restrictive handgun regulations in those countries.

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And just how doomed are the delusional democrats?

3D printers make the already extremely difficult job of controlling access to guns practically impossible. The government is not going to be able to ban guns, and limits on the size of bullet magazines will be even more laughable than before. Many parts of a gun can be made on very inexpensive, plastic 3D printers or even from simple machine tools.

It will be even more difficult to impose background checks, which have proven quite useless anyway. The government has been no more effective at stopping criminals from getting guns than at stopping them from obtaining drugs. That isn’t too surprising, as drug gangs are the source of both illegal drugs and guns.

Perhaps this will finally allow the left to understand just how unnatural and impossible their goal was in the first place.


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