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We must always remember that the entire ethos behind the “progressive” mindset is that nothing is ever going to be good enough.

Everything must alway progress.  That’s why these left-leaning lunatics are constantly lambasting the best practices that Americans have worked long and hard to determine.  We are a nation of ingenuity and sheer might, and by God, we have put into motion some of the most awe-inspiring industrial and agriculture machinations this world has ever, or will ever see.

But, for the left, it’s not good enough.

Take large scale agriculture, for example.  Leftists have been pushing back against traditional farming methods for decades, claiming that this could be a new frontier in their ever-expanding empire of climate change nonsense.  And, even though global warming is not what the left purports that it is, global warming is whatever the media reports that it is.  With the left’s stranglehold on the mainstream media fully intact, there is little room for a difference of opinion on the matter.

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It is this line of thinking that previously forced California and Massachusetts to impose incredibly stringent, left-leaning guidelines on where the states’ eggs and pork come from.  Under the new rules, only farmers that were well entrenched in the leftist cult of “organic” foods would qualify, allowing these niche producers to band together and charge whatever they wanted.

Californians themselves saw an 18% increase in the cost of eggs due to this policy, putting their cost of living just below The Moon on a scale of infantile to infinite.

Now, farmers are fighting back against the absurd qualifications changes, saying that their businesses are being dictated by local governments thousands of miles away.

“The Center for Consumer Freedom has filed amici curiae, or friend of the court, briefs with the Supreme Court of the United States supporting 13 states that are challenging restrictions by California and Massachusetts on what eggs and pork products can be sold in supermarkets.

“CCF asserts these restrictions adopted by California and Massachusetts are unconstitutional overreaches that seek to require how farmers in other states care for their animals.”

Beyond the moral dilemma here, we also have one very important piece of iron clad legislation to examine as well:

“The brief also argues that the interstate commerce clause, which clearly makes the federal government the arbiter of commerce between states, is clearly an issue in this case.

“’California and Massachusetts shouldn’t get to dictate how farmers in Iowa, North Carolina or any other state care for their animals,’ said Will Coggin, managing director of CCF. ‘The Supreme Court should strike down these unconstitutional laws that drive up costs and restrict choices for consumers and farmers.’”

There are a lot of ways in which the government can weasel a finger or two into your pocket on a daily basis, through regulations driving higher costs, thus producing more tax revenue.  Make no mistake, the governments will benefit financially from these strict legislative discriminations thanks to the trickle down economy always being taxed.

But, at least for now, the populace lays low, unwilling to rise up against the tyranny of corporate greed.  Unwilling to forsake their comfort for the greater good.  Unable to muster the courage to pull oneself up by the indignant and indigenous warrior within you, in order to shout in the face of the mighty system at the top of one’s lungs.

Besides, we have bacon.



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