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Anti-gun rhetoric has been a fact of my life as long as I can remember. As a new mom, I even tried keeping toy guns out of the house because I had bought into some of the myths surrounding gun ownership. For example:

  • Accidental gun deaths are bound to happen with a gun in the house.
  • A gun-free home will keep kids safe from guns.
  • If kids play with toy guns, they will grow up to be violent.

All of those are nonsense, of course, but as a mom, all I wanted was for my children to be safe. I knew that my husband wasn’t exactly on board with my gun ban. As a lifetime NRA member, he has always been vocal in his support of the Second Amendment and our right to own firearms, if we choose.

I suppose I could continue to tiptoe around the issue of firearms, but I am convinced that every survival minded family must own at least one gun, train their children in gun safety and shooting skills, and that a firearm should be part of everyone’s preparedness plan.



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