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Saint Louis University spiraled into chaos on Wednesday, around 5pm, after there were reports of a man wearing a hood was walking across campus with a gun, as well as reports of gunfire outside the Marchetti Tower East down. Students and faculty were told to take cover immediately. 

However, once officials began investigation, and cleared the campus, they learned the truth about to armed man. Police lifted the orders to stay inside just after 7:15pm and announced, “All clear. Campus is safe. Resume all normal activities.”

So what was the truth? Why did police lift the ban? Why was everyone hunkered down in fear?

It’s simple. A student was carrying his project to class. What was that project, you ask? A rubber band gun.


The toy gun was one built by a student in the aerospace and mechanical “engineering manufacturing procedures” class, a news release said. Students were asked to build a working device with interchangeable parts and chose toy rubber band guns out of several options.

The students were warned not to display the guns outside of class but the student police questioned had built a “very realistic” toy gun and openly carried it into Spring Hall, a campus dorm.

Can you say…awkward? Don’t get me wrong, it’s better to be safe than sorry, but I bet that student’s ears were BURNING from embarrassment!

SLU later announced that all rubber band guns were college and destroyed, and then campus spokesman Jeff Fowler said, “You can never take (an) incident like this lightly. It is much, much better to be safe than to be sorry.”


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