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In another sideways attack on the 2nd Amendment, gun grabbers in Arkansas are attempting to undermine the rights of law abiding citizens by using a new (but increasing) tactic in their arsenal.

What state and local governments are doing is tying your right to bear arms, to other rights or privileges. Just a couple of days ago we told you the story of a family in Michigan who was asked by the state to foster their grandchild, the family said “yes,” and then the state said “but you’ll have to give up your 2nd Amendment rights.” Now in Arkansas comes a similar story with a 21st Century twist.

In recent years marijuana use has become far more acceptable culturally and many states are following culture and legalizing certain levels of use. This has become a sticky situation because federal law still bans the sale and use of marijuana, but more and more states are opening their doors to the popular drug. Even in states where recreational use of marijuana is still verboten we’ve seen the legalization of its use for medical purposes. Arkansas is just such a state.

However, while Arkansas may now allow medicinal use of marijuana, they are not keen on having users with simultaneous access to firearms. Because their state law on marijuana conflicts with the federal law, Arkansas residents who have a medical marijuana card are seen as unlawful drug users by the federal government.

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The Arkansas Department of Health is warning would-be applicants for medical marijuana cards that they can have the card or the ability to buy a gun, but not both.

This warning came as Texarkana’s board of directors set forth rules and costs for establishing medical marijuana dispensaries.

According to NWA, the Ark. Dept. of Health is stressing that an individual cannot have “a medical marijuana card and legally own a gun because pot is still illegal on the federal level”…

The Associated Press reports that while some states have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes, this conflicts with federal law. Therefore, “the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has told gun sellers they can assume a person with a medical marijuana card uses the drug,” and this means the cardholder cannot pass a federal background check for a gun purchase.

Seems reasonable, no? Well, not really.

The Constitution doesn’t “give” us our 2nd Amendment right,  that is something that is innate within us as creatures crafted in the image of God. No, the Constitution simply protects the right that we already have, to defend ourselves from harm. Further, the Constitution guarantees that all law abiding citizens will have the opportunity to exercise this right regardless of how the government feels about them. So, if Arkansas is going to legalize weed as is the right of every state, the federal government cannot at the same time say that someone legally using the product  must be stripped of their God-given rights.

I don’t want someone high on marijuana playing with a gun either, but i’m not the one going around legalizing the use of pot, either as a medicine or recreationally.

The federal government simply cannot ban gun owners from their guns, if they are partaking in legal activities. And the 10th Amendment clearly gives the states the right to make and enforce their own laws. At the same time, the Constitution does NOT give the federal government the right to impose drug laws that override state laws.

It’s unconstitutional, and gun owners everywhere should be speaking out against it. Allowing the policy to stand would set a terrible precedent. If the federal government can simply write laws that contradict state laws, and then use these new laws to strip our right to bear arms… the 2nd Amendment would be meaningless.


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