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Alan Hal Hoyle of North Carolina is running for Sheriff. However, he means to change the way that some things are ran in Lincoln County.

For one, he will not require a concealed carry permit for citizens to carry their gun, and has even made it part of his plan to meet with pastors in order to reduce crime by preventing it.

Here is an email sent in to Keep and Bear, regarding his policies:

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I am running for sheriff in Lincoln County NC the election will be Nov. 2018 for one thing I will Not require a concealed permit to carry concealed due to this is a right given by our Creator and protected by the Constitution.
I am also working to get as many possible of our 100 counties to be filled by Constitutional sheriffs.


I, Alan Hal Hoyle a CHRISTian, will seek the office of Sheriff of Lincoln County NC. I will be a Biblical Constitutional Sheriff with Biblical Principles & Convictions, which means to protect the Constitution & arrest all violators & will not enforce any unlawful orders or laws of which goes against the Constitution, which is based on Holy Bible. Almighty God YAH (God of America) is the True Lawgiver, not man. I took the Oath & Swore to protect the Constitution in 1979 joining US Marines. I will be defending ALL People of this county using Lessor Magistrate Doctrine when needed, which is when the sovereign of lessor authority defies a higher authority due to their lawlessness of not following the Constitution or Common Law. I will NOT play politics & will NOT treat any person differently.


*Defend Biblical Marriage of 1 Male to 1 Female For One Lifetime: Per Common Law, NC Law, Constitution


* No license or permit needed for People to carry a gun:    Per US Constitution 2nd Amendment


* Stop Murder of Preborn: Per US Constitution & Declaration of Independence and Common Law


* Oppose Federal Takeover of Lincoln County: Per US Constitution & Declaration of Independence


* Form a local militia called a Posse: Per US Constitution 2nd Amendment


* Defending People, Not Government: Per 18 U.S. Codes 241& 242


* All Citizens of Lincoln County are Persons of People of NC united States & will not be treated less


* Lesser Magistrate Doctrine (


* Find how and where drugs are being brought into county and stop them at the line ALL


* To Make Improvements in LC Jail/Courts System, to serve the People


* Better protection for LC deputies through proper training & for advancement to protect citizens


* To Do Justly, To Love Mercy, and To Walk Humbly


* To Do Unto Others As I Would Have Them Do Unto Me


* Meetings with pastors to Reduce Crime, by Preventing Crime


[I] served our Country in US Marines over 23 years honorably discharged retired; Served Lincoln County thru Union VFD over 20 yrs. retired; And Lincoln County Life Saving Crew over 13 yrs.; have had a business in Lincolnton for over 36 yrs.; Donated Blood through Red Cross since 1978; Served Yahshua Messiah “Jesus Christ” in churches & on the street since 1969; protecting unborn, judges, county clerks, law enforcement, preachers, patriots, people from themselves, society

Alan Hal Hoyle – Protecting & Serving the People of Lincoln County; Semper Fidelis   

What do you think about his gun policy? Do you think it is important for citizens to have a concealed carry permit in order to carry concealed?


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