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There are a few things that will forever be certain about the liberal havens of Coastal California:  The traffic is awful, the authorities are democrats, and you might perish in the big one.

When it comes to two out of three of those things, there are some solutions out there if we were to put forth a long bout of maximum effort.  As for the earthquake, you’re on your own.

Democratic lawmakers are trending downward in America these days, thanks to an overarching conservative enlightenment that is sweeping the nation.  Being American isn’t some sort of shameful symbol on the world’s stage because we’re back to our proud, populist roots, exuding the same brute force that we were founded with.

So, while California will likely one day be run by what we today call “conservatives”, they, along with New York City, will likely be the last to make the turn.

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Now, if we’re going to talk about traffic in the southern sections of The Golden State, things start to get bleak.

Thanks to the inordinate cost of living in California, it is nearly impossible for the government to afford the purchase of the land needed to widen the freeways, or install mass transit.  The only solution now is to create more efficiency – something that autonomous vehicle developers believe is the bread and butter of their creed.

“Progressive” California, however, has a different idea.

Scripps Media conducted a scientific poll that asked 1,100 individuals across the state: “Should automobiles that are designed to be driven by computers, without a human driver, be allowed to operate on the streets of your neighborhood?”

About 58 percent of Californians that answered the question said driverless cars should not be allowed to operate in their community. 21 percent said driverless cars should be allowed to operate locally, and the remaining 20 percent were not sure.

To judge how driverless vehicles should be regulated, Scripps asked the same 1,100 Californians who should take the regulatory lead:“Who should be ultimately responsible for deciding where driverless cars are allowed and where they are not allowed?”

State government was preferred by 31 percent of Californians, and federal government oversight was preferred by 23 percent of respondents. About 15 percent were not sure; 8 percent stated no one should make the decision; and 3 percent stated that car manufacturers should be responsible.

Apparently, 8 percent of Californians are either overt nihilists or the staunchest apocalyptic libertarians I’ve ever heard of.

There’s no telling what the future of autonomous vehicles will truly be, but we do know now that California, despite their commitment to bashing conservatives, isn’t ready to go there.




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