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As we’ve covered in the past, the Second Amendment, as a whole, is impervious to political pressure due to its status as a “right” and not a “law”.

But this hasn’t stopped the radical left from attempting to chip away at our right to bear arms, little by little, as if we wouldn’t notice.  It’s quite similar to how dogs will sneak around their “stay” command when you’re not looking.

Sure, it’s adorable when your dog does it, but what if that was a democrat coming to get your guns?  It wound’t be so cute then, would it?

Well that’s precisely what the left is doing, however, taking a few quiet steps toward a full repeal of the Right To Bear Arms whenever we let our guard down.

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Take Seattle, for instance, where extremely vague new laws have allowed authorities to infringe upon the uninfringeable.

Alexander Mckenzie, a 31-year-old Army veteran who, according to court documents, is being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder, recently had his gun confiscated by the Seattle Police Department even though he had committed no crime.

It’s one of 27 guns seized legally by the Seattle Police Department from 16 individuals since last July under Washington State’s new Extreme Risk Protection Order law.

Oddly enough, Mckenzie agrees with the decision, which comes with a one-year probationary period and due process to regain possession of his firearms.

Only family, roommates and police can petition the court for the civil order. The burden of proof is on the petitioner. A judge determines if the person is a danger to himself or others. If the order is issued, the guns can be seized immediately, but the gun owner gets to make his or her case in court within two weeks.

Even gun rights advocates, who are afraid of government abuse, say it appears to be working.

“We’ve seen the downside of people who are distraught or crazy taking out their problems on the general public,” said Dave Workman of the Bellevue, Wash.-based Second Amendment Foundation. “We don’t want that to happen here.”

There is still plenty of room for abuse, however, and that it what concerns Americans the most.

These laws, while under the guise of common sense, may prevent some tragedy from occurring, (something we’ll never know if the system does work), it also undoubtedly makes it simpler for authors to seize firearms from the public.  In the situation of a coming civil war, as Americans become agitated with the government or each other, these “red flags” will be flying around like wild.

Furthermore, what’s to say that the opinion of someone close to you is even all that correct?  We’ve all made reference to the idea of firing everyone in politics and starting over…could that sentiment be used to curb my Second Amendment rights?

In Seattle, it appears so.

So, while this is not a wholesale end to the Right To Bear Arms, it’s definitely a few steps closer to our firearms, and we do distinctly remember telling the dog-esque democrats to sit and stay a long time ago.


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