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When the left put their Parkland response team into motion to attack our American right to bear arms, they clearly drew inspiration from a longstanding conservative movement.

One of the largest conservative gatherings in the nation, the March For Life, is going on 46 years of rallying agains the legalization of abortion in America.  In fact, the organization received a much needed boost this year when Donald Trump became the first President in decades to speak directly to the organization.

“Trump said he was ‘honored’ and ‘proud’ to be addressing the march. ‘The March for Life,’ he said, ‘is a movement born out of love. You love your families, you love your neighbors, you love our nation and you love every child — born and unborn — because you believe every life is sacred, that every child is a precious gift from God.’ He praised marchers for offering friendship, mentorship and ‘life itself’ to women in need of support.”

The liberals, who were wholeheartedly hoping to exploit the death of 17 high school children and teachers in Florida last month, created their own event known as the “March for Our Lives” – a name that has certainly raised eyebrows around the conservative world for its blatant similarity to the 45 year old original “March”.

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Of course, those 17 individuals  were not murdered by the hands of a “doctor”, but, instead by a deranged and maniacal former student of Stoneman Douglas High School.

That imposter march was widely allowed to draw kids from school last week, a great many going unpunished for their sanctioned, approved, and promoted “protest” walkout.  (For the record, kids, it’s not a protest if you’re allowed to do it).

Now, one teacher in ultraliberal California is asking whether or not the same leniency would hold true if students were to attend an anti-abortion event.

She has received a swift response.

“Rocklin High School history teacher Julianne Benzel said the punishment came after she asked her students days before the nationwide protest if it was appropriate for their school to support that protest while remaining neutral about the annual pro-life march.

“’If you’re going to allow students to get up and walk out without penalty, then you’re going to have to allow any group of students that wants to protest,’ Benzel told FOX & Friends Friday morning.

“But as students began walking out Wednesday, Benzel received a letter placing her on administrative leave.

“The complaint, Benzel said, came from two students and one parent, and her penalty was given without corroboration from other students. She said the administration ‘basically targeted’ her.”

With Benzel’s bosses bowing to the progressive overlords who rule over our own language in this country, is there any doubt left that there is widespread discrimination against conservatives in America?




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