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The eternal struggle of the democratic party in America often boils down to a few, simple realities, one of which is  the fact that they will never confiscate our guns.

They will hem, haw, scream, and shout at the top of their lungs, but they simply have no way to justify a full-scale repeal of the Second Amendment, nor do they have the stones to “come and get them”.

Any attempt at a repeal of the Second Amendment would simply be laughed off by the conservative majority in our country, who understand the simple fact that there is no frame of reference in our modern age for the necessity of the right to bear arms.  No one living in America today has experienced a totalitarian regime attempting to disarm the populace – the express, written reasoning for the right in the first place.

Then, should the left attempt the other route, a la confiscation…well, let’s just say that this maneuver would likely trigger a wholesale demonstration of just why the amendment is necessary.

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That being said, the left hasn’t given up on annoying, angering, and harassing gun owners the nation over by employing their social justice “warriors” to pressure retailers into circumventing the government in their fight against guns.

Not only have companies such as Dick’s Sporting Goods responded by enacting possibly illegal age-discrimination policies on rifles, but the movement seems to be spreading to some organizations that were once thought to be a bit more sensible.

“Late Thursday, L.L. Bean tweeted that it will no longer sell guns or ammunition to anyone below age 21.

“The privately held company sells firearms only at its flagship store in Maine. Those guns are focused on hunting, and do not include assault-style firearms, high-capacity firearms, bump stocks or handguns, L.L. Bean tweeted on Friday.”

Even more absurd was the move made by outdoor retailer REI, who has never even sold firearms.

“REI, which does not sell guns, said it will stop purchasing products made by Vista Outdoor until the gun maker publicly states its plan to respond to the Florida shooting rampage that killed 17 people.

“Vista products sold by REI included CamelBak water bottles and Camp Chef stoves.

“‘We believe that it is the job of companies that manufacture and sell guns and ammunition to work towards common sense solutions that prevent the type of violence that happened in Florida last month,’ REI said in a statement.”

The REI maneuver is particularly disturbing, due to the companies omission of firearms in their stores to begin with.

This “guilty by association” thinking is precisely what has fueled Antifa violence in the nation, and has allowed the radical left to push a narrative of hate and intolerance toward anyone with any connection to their political enemies.


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