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One 19-year-old who has a history of being troubled and who was investigated by the FBI and local police, goes out and legally buys a gun and then uses that gun to carry out a mass school shooting which he had been threatening to do for many months. The response by weak minded liberals is to raise the minimum age for purchasing a gun up to 21.

The entire issue of minimum age on this subject has been so blown out of proportion that it clearly demonstrates that those pushing the idea are reacting on emotions instead of acting on reasonable sense. What they are doing is illogical, but then a lot of what politicians do these days is illogical.

(Great American Politics) – The question about legal age has been around for decades. When is a young person old enough to have certain responsibilities and duties? At what age should a person be allowed to marry, to drive a car, to get a job, to serve in the military, to drink and to vote?

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Everyone has a different opinion and many states have their own varying laws. In some states, you have to be 16 to get a job, to marry (with parental consent) and drive, but you have to be 18 to join the military and 21 to vote.

Many have argued for years that if a person is mature enough to do one or more of these things at a certain age, then shouldn’t they be allowed to do them all? That argument has been used to change the laws restricting age from time to time, but eventually, they seem to change again.

For instance, when I was younger, the voting and drinking age was 21. The year I turned 21, the voting age was dropped to 18 with the passage of the 26th Amendment and the drinking age was lowered to 19. I could drive at 16 and get a job at 16 but had to be 18 to get married or join the military. Does a year or two really make that much difference in maturity or responsibility? …

Ask yourself why should they punish thousands of young adults between the ages of 18-20 for the irresponsible and insane actions of one individual? The drinking age was lowered long ago and many states raised it back up, but that didn’t stop those people from drinking and driving while under the influence. They raised the age for buying cigarettes but tens of thousands of young people were still smoking. What liberals are trying to do is cover a deep and deadly heart issue with a Band-aid on the surface and pretend the deeper issue will heal itself.





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