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Bizarre twists to the tale of the Orlando nightclub massacre have been circulating nearly since the moment the news of the event itself broke.

Of course, we witnessed no shortage of conspiracy theorists going out of their tinfoil-hatted minds…as they do anytime our nation undergoes a tragic transformation.  Events such as the assassination of JFK, September 11th, and the murder of Seth Rich all have hundreds, if not thousands of disparate theories in which internet denizens of 4Chan and Reddit weave their own ideas about what nefarious and clandestine cabals are responsible.

In Orlando’s case, the issue seems to lie with the response of authorities to the threat that shooter Omar Mateen quite obviously posed.  The FBI was alerted to an attempt by Mateen to purchase thousands of rounds of ammunition from a Florida gun shop.  No follow up was ever conducted.

Furthermore, Mateen was found to be living with an FBI agent for over a decade at one point, with not so much as an arrest by the organization.

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Now, the victims of the Pulse Nightclub attack and their families are suing the Orlando police, not over any possible preemptive neutralizing of Mateen, but over their response once arriving on the active scene of the crime.

Some 31 Orlando police officers face legal action over their response to the Pulse nightclub massacre, according to a federal lawsuit filed last week.

Attorneys representing 34 victims of the shooting said city cops left 49 people to die inside the club for more than three hours on the morning of June 12, 2016, before killing gunman Omar Mateen and rescuing 58 wounded.

“While people, unarmed, innocent were inside a club getting absolutely massacred by a crazed gunman there were a bunch of people … with guns, with the training and capability to take that shooter out,” Solomon Radner, attorney for the plaintiffs in the case, told ABC News during an interview Thursday. “Instead of doing their job, they worried about themselves, they stayed outside, they worried only about their own safety, knowing that people were literally getting mowed down by the dozens just a few feet away.”

Witnesses trapped inside the club during the attack were then held for more than 10 hours for questioning — a violation of both the 4th and 14th amendments, according to court documents.

This highlights what seems to be a disturbing pattern in American law enforcement, in which choices seem to be erring on the side of protecting and serving yourself before others.

Similarly, and also in Florida, police in Broward County were seen on surveillance video cowering and refusing to enter the active shooter situation at Stoneman Douglas High School, allowing Nikolas Cruz to murder 17 people before leaving the school on his accord.



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