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Conservatives around the nation are growing nervous in the wake of last week’s tragic high school shooting in Florida, but it’s not copycat killers or democratic lawmakers they are afraid of.

It’s republican President Donald Trump.

Last weeks’ horrendous event saw 19 year old Nikolas Cruz march into the high school that he once attended in Parkland, Florida and kill 17 of his former classmates.

Cruz, who was clearly mentally disturbed, having admitted to hearing “demon voices” in his head during the event, had bragged about committing such an act of violence at the school previously, and authorities had been called to his home nearly 40 times in recent months.

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The FBI was even alerted to Cruz’s threats, to which they responded with disastrous inaction.

Cruz, despite all of the warning signs and opportunities to be stopped, was still able to commit his harmful act, in this instance with a firearm – a sticking point for the liberal left who refuse to understand that this madman would not have been stopped.  With no gun available, there is undoubtedly sufficient evidence to say that Cruz would still have killed, yet that is what the left and their puppets are focusing on.

Now, in the wake of the democratic hullabaloo, it looks as though President Trump is softening his ardent support for the Second Amendment, and caving to some of the liberal demands regarding gun restrictions – a move that is sure to infuriate his conservative base.

“He called for such checks via Twitter:


“Although there is a lack of clarity on what Trump means by ‘comprehensive background checks,’ as to whether he is referencing an overhaul of our current system or is pushing the universal background checks lauded by Democrats, it is important to note that this represents a turning point which opens the door to a national gun registry.

“This is so because universal background checks are not enforceable without a gun registry.”

What exactly does this mean for the average American citizen looking to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights?

“For contemporary, real world proof of this danger just look at California, where universal background checks led to registration requirements which resulted in gun confiscation laws. This has all played out before our eyes and is evident to those who pay attention.

“For evidence from law enforcement, just consider the way New Mexico Sheriff’s rallied to defeat universal background checks on the grounds that such checks would have led to a gun registry in that state. On February 9, 2017, Breitbart News reported that 32 of New Mexico’s 33 sheriffs signed a letter opposing the universal background checks that were being debated in the state legislature at that time. They described the checks as a ‘scheme’ that ‘would be unenforceable without creating a gun registry.'”

The concern here is, of course, that a national gun registry would make it far too simple for a government, whether it be this one, the next one, or one decades down the line, to quickly identify gun owners and target their weapons in the case of a tyrannical push by the desperate leadership.

Knowing what we know about previous regimes and their gun grabs, it is absurd to believe that Americans should be subjected to such abusable conditions.




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