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It’s hysteria, pure and simple.  That’s the only surefire way to describe the left’s vehement and vociferous hatred of the Second Amendment.

Everyone out there on the left is blaming the gun, as per the usual.  This ins’t something new, but in this world of artificially-intelligent human beings with Wikipedia in their pockets and Twitter to peruse, the ignorance is purely inexcusable.  Guns do not kill people any more than cars cause accidents or hammers thump thumbs.  Any, and we mean any, other interpretation is barnyard excrement of the highest order.

Yet, despite the centuries of evidence to the contrary, the left continues their hysterical charade of offense.  Now, after an outspoken young gun advocate tweeted a visit to a gun range he was harassed by school officials and local authorities.

Kyle Kashuv went to the gun range to learn to fire a gun for the first time on Friday.

He posted photos and videos of himself holding the AR-15 as he was instructed how to shoot the weapon.

‘It was great learning about our inalienable right of #2A and how to properly use a gun,’ Kashuv tweeted, referring to the Second Amendment.

The tweet certainly seemed innocuous enough:

Then, the unthinkable happened.

When he arrived to school on Monday he was called out for his actions and instructed to see the school’s armed resource officer.

According to the Daily Wire, Kashuv was informed by his principal that other students had been upset by his posts, but that he hadn’t done anything wrong.

Kashuv then claimed that he was treated like a ‘criminal’ while meeting with the security officer.

He said a second security officer was also present in the meeting. ‘Both began questioning me intensely. First, they began berating my tweet, although neither of them had read it; then they began aggressively asking questions about who I went to the range with, whose gun we used, about my father, etc,’ Kashuv claimed.

According to Kashuv, a third officer from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office later walked in and interrogated him all over again.

‘At that point, I asked whether I could record the interview. They said no. I asked if I had done anything wrong. Again, they answered no. I asked why I was there. One said, “Don’t get snappy with me, do you not remember what happened here a few months ago?”‘

While the behavior is certainly upsetting, it isn’t all that surprising given that the Broward County Sheriff’s Department may soon be held legally culpable for the deaths of 17 in the Valentine’s Day massacre at a Parkland, Florida high school after officers were seen to have waited outside for the incident to end before entering the school and potentially confronting the assailant – Nikolas Cruz – who was known to both police and the FBI as a possible madman before the incident.



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