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In the aftermath of any tragedy in the United States, there is an outpouring of emotion…and rightfully so.  We have seen countless others suffering.  If we were not to emote, we would be cruel to very core.

From that emotion we often find a path of politics, as well.  This occurs when public servants see an unmet need in their communities and get to work to fix it.  The only problem is, when all of our focus is centered on these tragedies, the energy put into solutions mutates the argument into the realm of ridiculousness.

After the school shooting in Parkland, Florida earlier this year, a number of rallies were held around the nation, both for and against the idea of additional gun control.  In a rare turn of events, the nation’s school-aged youth were the protagonists this time around.

Unfortunately, however, it seems that these young people weren’t the most tolerant when it came to differing opinions. 

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A lawsuit filed in federal court argues school officials supported a walk-out by students advocating gun control while attempting to muzzle opposition.

Named as defendants in the suit are a host of Hononegah Community High School administrators in Rockton, Illinois who, as outlined in court filings, allowed one group of students to protest in response to the Feb.14 school shooting in Parkland, Florida while at the same time marginalizing a smaller group of youth who felt differently.

Madison Oster, 16, feels the best way to protect students while on campus is to “harden” schools with measures such as metal detectors and armed guards rather than implement more gun regulations. In response to a well-planned March for Our Lives rally to be held at the school’s football field on the one-month anniversary of the Parkland shooting to support an anti-gun agenda, Oster planned a counter-protest with a few like-minded students. Beforehand, her father, Jeremy, cleared the protest with school officials.

However, on the day of the rally, the younger Oster and five supporters were kept about 95 yards away from the estimated 100 to 150 anti-gun students engaged in the sanctioned walk-out. When the youth protested, they were called “troublemakers,” by a school official who later made the Second Amendment advocates stand by while the larger group was walked past them, twice, refusing to halt the larger group’s claimed taunting of Oster and those who shared her opinions.

By dividing the nation on gun control, we can only have political enemies or compatriots.  This is a dangerous path to forge on a topic as heated as the Second Amendment.

We must take special care to cultivate a strong understanding of the Second Amendment among our nation’s youth, but, apparently we need to give them a refresher on the First Amendment as well.


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