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Firearms have become increasingly prevalent in America thanks to the undeniable power of the Second Amendment.  According to the mainstream media, this is “worrying”.

But why?

Why on earth would Americans, of any political stripes, believe that our Founding Fathers could be wrong about the 2nd most important right that they guaranteed us?  Simply because they are listening to the mainstream media, which has been outed, time and again, as a weapon of the progressive agenda.

I’ll explain:

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Without advertisers, the mainstream media collapses.  These marketing magnates are the only source of revenue capable of propping up an entire television network, not to mention the internet media empire that lies beneath any of the national news media’s various leftist entities.  (No one, and we mean no one, is buying that many CNN keychains).

So, these advertisers hold all of the power.  Who are these advertisers?  Why they’re globalists, of course.

Top 10 Brands on CNN (Feb. 2018)
Otezla $1.07M
T-Mobile $938K
Progressive $712K
Humira $690K
Nutrisystem $567K
BMW $511K
NordVPN $497K
AT+T $455K
GoodRx $444K

Insurance companies, pharmaceutical outfits, and monopolistic phone companies…that’s a recipe for utter globalism if I’ve ever seen one.

That means that, should CNN run a story about how corrupt these companies are, they could lose beaucoup dollars in revenue.

For instance, do you think that Humira and Otezla want CNN talking poorly of the Obama mandate to buy health insurance?  Of course they don’t.  If CNN doesn’t play along with these Big Pharma fanatics, they are poised to lose big money.

But, when you get down to the smaller, “Mom and Pop” shops around the country, advertising avenues take a far more winding path.

Take one automobile retailer in Oregon, for example:

Earnest Auto Sales is having a “Buy a Car, Get a Gun” sale to support Second Amendment rights.

The owner says he hopes this sale will start a conversation now that the Second Amendment Ordinance is on the ballot.

“It’s not just a sales gimmick to get you in to buy a car,” said Earnest Auto Sales owner Jeremy Magar, “although that’s how we do make our living. It is more of a thing to get people talking and on the same page.”

This is certainly the sort of conversation starter that we like to see in America, but, given the recent violence of the radical left, we would suggest that Magar keep one eye open as he slumbers.



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