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You would think that America, or at least Illinois would have learned their lesson, after a brutal 32 year handgun ban essentially handed the City of Chicago over to criminals.

Back in 1982, Windy City lawmakers made one of the biggest mistakes in American history.  What they attempted to do was lower gun crime by making handguns criminal...and anyone who understands the basics of mathematics can explain to you how success in Chicago would upend thousands of years of algebra.

For the next 32 years, just like the old adage said, only the outlaws had the outlawed guns.

It was an utter bloodbath for the city of Chicago, with drug-gang violence spilling over into enormous swatch of everyday life in Chi-Town.  Soon, the residents would have another name for the war zone they lived in:

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Now, even after the handgun ban was lifted back in 2014, Americans living in Chicago are still feeling the effects, with gang shootings still occurring on a fairly regular basis…even at funerals.

The world believed that Chicago had learned its lesson.

Apparently not.

A town near Chicago voted this week to ban assault weapons, such as the AR-15 rifle, along with high-capacity magazines.

According to WLS-TV, the Deerfield Village Board voted unanimously in favor of an amendment to its gun ordinance to restrict some semi-automatic firearms.

Residents have until mid-June to surrender such weapons or face a fine up to $1,000 a day. Current or retired law enforcement personnel are exempt from the law.

This has rightfully sparked a rather vicious debate among gun rights activists and Constitutional Americans, especially given that “assault” rifles are such a subjective category.

Many who profess their own political potency still have no grasp on firearm mechanics, adding to the confusion.  Just last week, former Netflix host Chelsea Handler attempted to tell the world that her armed security did not use “semi-automatic” weapons.


Chelsea Handler’s security team.

When it comes to “assault” rifles, the lines are even blurrier.

The AR-15, which is the quintessential “bad guy” gun that the left has latched onto, is nothing more than a semi-automatic rifle with a flashy, mean-looking disguise.  One trigger pull = one round of ammo, every time, bump stock or not.  It’s not a “machine gun” any more than a Glock handgun is.

In fact, the Glock style handguns being employed by every police department and security force on the planet uses a much more substantial round than the AR-15, with a whole hell of a lot more stopping power. Not to mention the fact that the weapon itself is far more concealable than the bulky AR.

The difference here is in perception.  The left needs a “bad guy” persona to go with their anti-gun movement, and too many heroes carry handguns.  Policemen.  Cowboys.  Men whose professions demand such authority and power.  You can’t outlaw the handgun – it’s as American as apple pie.

But, when the left sees a semi-automatic rifle with some black accessories pinned to it, they can show us archival footage of Middle Eastern extremists with their Kalashnikovs and M-16’s, and they can point to that familiar silhouette of the Arma-Lyte style.

This is all a game of perception, and we absolutely mustn’t let our fellow man fall for it.


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