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As far as constructive ways to discuss gun rights go, there seems to be a massive void of ability and talent over on the liberal left.

Still, for some reason, the democrats think that gun control is a goal worth striving for.  They’ve not learned the lessons of Chicago, New York City, or any other liberal locale that has succumb to the ridiculous rhetoric of the lunatic left.

The right to bear arms is absolutely intrinsic to freedom.  The insinuation that it should be repealed, or even limited another iota, is a declaration of war on the sovereignty of the American nation.

Yet, here we are, bearing the brunt of yet another asinine attack on our Second Amendment, by none other than former President Barack Obama’s education chief Arne Duncan.

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Obama-era education secretary Arne Duncan urged a gathering of Parkland parents in Broward County to keep their children home from school until Congress passes national gun control laws.

“I think America doesn’t care enough,” Duncan said, reports the Sun Sentinel. “If America cared, it would vote on this issue.”

According to the news report, Duncan said his plan is “intentionally provocative” but not unlike the bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama, that was promoted by Martin Luther King Jr. and that brought change to national policy regarding segregation on buses.

First, Arne, don’t compare yourself to the incomparable MLK, especially when you’re trying to limit the rights of American citizens.

“This is a made-in-America problem,” Duncan said. “It happens because we allow it to happen.”

Duncan spoke to some 50 parents from Parkland Tuesday, where confessed shooter Nikolas Cruz killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February. He was reportedly invited to the forum by Gail Schwartz, aunt of Alex Schacter, 14, who was killed in the shooting massacre.

Of course, Cruz was a deranged individual who not only took his instruction from a number of “demon voices” that he heard within his own head, but also was reported to the FBI in the days leading up to his massacre as someone who would “shoot someplace up”.

The fact that the FBI refused to act, just as they had done in the case of Pulse Nightclub shooter Omar Mateen, is the true issue here; not the right guaranteed to us by the Founding Fathers.



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