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As sure as the sun will rise in the east, American democrats will exploit tragedy in order to push their political agenda through the lens of emotion.

This is the only way in which the progressive narrative can take hold – emotional, knee jerk responses.  The left wants to catch you on the rebound, while you’re still processing the grief that you are beholding and are unable to think straight.  They’re snatching you from the clutches of reality and spinning a whole new womb of whimsicality for you your heart to bleed into.

Such has been the case with every single mass shooting we have unfortunately experienced as a nation.  Before we even know the full story, the left is on the floor of Congress or behind the desk at MSNBC spouting their gibberish.

In the pantheon of horrific school shootings, one stands alone as the most gruesome:  The death of 27 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.  Now, new reports are detailing just how quickly the Obama administration sprung into action to exploit the tragedy…and it isn’t pretty.

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A Freedom of Information Act request by the Baltimore Postreveals that former Obama White House officials discussed how best to exploit the Sandy Hook Elementary School attack for gun control before the victims of said attack were even buried.

The strategizing took place between Obama Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Chicago Mayor, former Obama White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel (D).

The Postpublished an email thread shared by Duncan and Emanuel on December 16, 2012:

At 6:57PM EST on December 16, 2012, Duncan wrote to Emanuel in a message titled “CT shootings.”

Duncan asked the Chicago mayor, “What are your thoughts?”

Five minutes later, Emanuel responded, “Go for a vote this week before it fades. Tap peoples emotion. Make it simple assault weapons.”

Duncan responded immediately, “Yup- thanks.”

“When I did brady bill and assault weapons for clinton we always made it simple.  Criminals or war weapons,” Emanuel said in the email to Duncan.

“Gun show loophole?” Duncan responded.  “Database?  Cop-killer bullets? Too complicated?” he said.

“Cop killer maybe,” Emanuel responded.  “The other no.”

The exchange ended when Duncan concluded with, “Got it.”

This incredibly disturbing reality is just on the surface, as well.  Any American with the time and the know-how could have accessed this information.  This isn’t some secret concept…this is public record.

Can you imagine what was said and schemed on behind closed doors?

Actually…we’d rather not.  We’re disgusted enough as it is.


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