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Resolved: We, The People, Demand our President Fulfill His Constitutional Duty

We the American people have a message for our failing president, Barack Hussein Obama. It is time to stand up and admit what we have all come to realize – you are national disgrace and a failure of historic proportions. You are not fulfilling your duties as our Chief in Commander!

Today, we the people are calling on you to get off the golf course and join in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism. You and your administration have been proven wrong, time and again, about the dangers that we face.

Whether it was your ill-conceived decision to withdraw from Iraq, or your idiotic assessment of the war in Syria, or your stunning ignorance on what was actually happening in Egypt, or your terrible choices in Libya, or your foolish judgment in Yemen, or your hapless belief that ISIS was the “JV team,” or your treacherous alliance in Iraneverything you’ve done has made our world a far more dangerous place.

However, it’s not just abroad where your illogical policies are wreaking havoc. No, now your decisions are costing American lives here at home as well.

During the last 7+ years of your administration, our nation has been rocked by attack after attack from the very people you seem to value most – Muslim terrorists. Little Rock, Fort Hood, Boston, Garland, Chattanooga, San Bernardino, Orlando… How has our President, the man responsible to be our Constitutional defender, responded after all of these attacks? By calling for an end to our 2nd Amendment rights!

The latest attack in Orlando has become a prime example of Obama’s standard response to our pain. Instead of decrying radical Islam for creating these violent and destructive terrorists, the President chose to condemn conservative Christians for their view that homosexuality is sin and their support of the Constitution. The Orlando terrorist was a gay, Muslim, Democrat… and somehow Obama and the Democrats blamed heterosexual, Christian, conservatives for his actions.

The time has come for the American people to demand an end to Obama destructive policies. The time has come for us to tell the President to either do his job and defend the American people from these violent invaders, or to step aside, resign his post and allow someone else to uphold our Constitution.

Barack Hussein Obama, We the People Demand that you Either Do your Job or Step Aside. Now.

Sign on, join the revolution, and demand Obama’s resignation, today.

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