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If there is one thing that truly doesn’t belong in our nation’s political sphere, it is exuberant emotional reactions that threaten to usurp our system’s checks and balances.

You see, the Founding Fathers had a pretty good head start on this whole “government” thing.  After all, they were accustomed to the way that the British had been doing things.  Seeing as the Brits were the most advanced civilization at the time of our American independence, the Washington’s and Jefferson’s of the world were able to easily discern what worked and what didn’t work about the monarchy before making the necessary adjustments to bring America into being.

The first two improvements, and the most important in the eyes of the founders, were the right to free speech and the right to defend yourself against tyranny – whether that be in the form of the government or a foreign power.

This was an extremely well researched and thought out maneuver – not some willy nilly, knee jerk reaction to some tea tax.

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So when politicians such as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo jump up on a school bus and celebrate reactionary, gun grabbing legislation, we should all be concerned.

Lawmakers in New York’s Democrat-heavy Assembly on Wednesday approved a gun seizure bill that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is crisscrossing the state to support on a road tour.

The measure, A.11148, would establish extreme risk protection orders in New York that could be used to temporarily seize, for a period of up to a year, the firearms and gun licenses of someone thought to be a danger to themselves or others. The bill passed the Assembly and was forwarded to the Republican-controlled state Senate where similar legislation failed to make the cut by a narrow margin earlier this year.

“Establishing extreme risk protection orders is a critical step towards preventing needless gun tragedies that have become far too common,” said Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie in a statement. “Family and other household members are often the first to know when someone is experiencing a crisis or exhibiting dangerous behavior.”

One of the biggest cheerleaders for the measure is Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who last week announced a statewide campaign, via yellow public school bus, to smooth the way for the legislation.

The school bus motif is possibly the most despicable part of this feckless stunt, as Cuomo is clearly invoking the deaths of young schoolchildren in his journey, inciting an inordinate amount of emotion as he overacts his way through these stump speeches.

As for us, we’ll continue to use logic to oppose Cuomo and his gun grabbing goons, thank you very much.


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