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The anti-gun left sure is violent for being a group of people who pretend to hate violence.

Conservative activists, journalists, politicians, and entertainers could tell you all about the constant barrage of hate and malice that they receive from their leftist haters but most choose to keep quiet about the loonies in an effort to keep from encouraging them.

Sadly, sometimes, it’s necessary to let the wider world in on the vile, evil stuff that we public figures on the right have to deal with. Just such a moment has come for NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch who has been forced to sell her home and move, due to the nature and and severity of the left wing attacks against her.

In a recent series of tweets Loesch explained why she was being forced to take such drastic action, and why her situation proved that liberal feminists don’t actually care about the values they espouse.

Sadly, situations like Dana’s are a lot more common than most people realize.

Leftwing haters are responsible for terrible acts of terror, violence, and hatred against conservatives. Even worse, these attacks happen all of the time.

Just recently another conservative writer had his car firebombed.

In fact, liberals made the phrase “SWAT-ing” famous by using SWAT teams to terrorize conservatives across the country.

Liberal violence is an epidemic folks.


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