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In the wake of any exploited tragedy involving a firearm, the fine folks over at the National Rifle Association understand explicitly that they’ll be called to defend themselves.

This becomes especially true in our modern political age, where the liberal left has chosen a path of over radicalization and anger, as opposed to thoughtful debate and an open mind.  The millennial miscreants who once organized and marched in opposition to a fairly elected President have since moved on, realizing that their imbecilic ignorance was not going to win any arguments with a far more poised and prepared conservative voter base.

Now, after the Parkland, Florida mental health rampage of Valentine’s Day, these cohesive and cretinous progressive tragedy pimps have shifted focus to the abolishment of the Second Amendment – something that has always been on the liberal agenda, but tends to only gain favor in the national narrative when the left has a pile of dead children to exploit.

That may seem harsh, but, more often than not, the truth is.

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One target of this unkempt and unconstitutional rage has been the NRA, whose job always becomes infinitely more difficult in the wake of these events.  As bastions of the Second Amendment, Nation Rifle Association leaders realize that they will be called upon to delicately, yet sternly, demonstrate the importance of the right to bear arms in the face of atrocious and heinous catastrophes.

And, boy, are they prepared for it.

“The National Rifle Association called corporations breaking partnerships with the gun lobby a ‘shameful display of political and civic cowardice.’

“’Let it be absolutely clear. The loss of a discount will neither scare nor distract one single NRA member from our mission to stand and defend the individual freedoms that have always made America the greatest nation in the world,’ the organization said in a statement on Saturday.”

Unfortunately, not everyone who does business with the NRA understands this important point.

“With a national force deriding the organization’s stance on gun control policies following the deadly Florida school shooting, activists turned their focus on the companies that do business with the gun lobby. About two dozen brands so far have ended partnerships in which they offered discounted rates and services to NRA members.

“In most cases, the companies said they chose to cut ties because of customer feedback. According to ThinkProgress, which has been maintaining a list of NRA’s corporate ties…”

In one of the most alarming cases of corporate fervor gone wrong, Delta Airlines abruptly culled their relationship with the NRA in order to bow to liberal pressure.

Now, the Atlanta-based company is likely to lose a number of tax incentives that Georgia legislators had so generously given them, on account of this hasty and anti-conservative decision.


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