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All eyes were on Washington D.C. this past weekend as a number of American children marched on the Capitol to demand the unkempt neutering of the Second Amendment.

These young people were allegedly high school students from around the nation who banded together organically in order to call for the changes to The Constitution – a document written under duress that they themselves would never understand.

As it turns out, very few of those in attendance were actually schoolchildren, with some reports exclaiming that nearly 80% of the crowd was comprised of adult onlookers and those hoping to score a free concert at the culmination of the day’s slacktivism.

Of course, the highlight of the day for many of these millennial miscreants was a fiery speech by their de facto “leader” David Hogg – a young man with a lengthy history of FBI connections and a perchant for being in front of the camera.

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During his speech in Washington, casual observers made it clear that Hogg played the part of a fascist dictator well, even donning the requisite Hitler-esque armband.

Now, Hogg will have another dubious honor to his name:  Being the salesman of the year for NRA fundraising.

It is now evident that Americans across the land responded to this criticism by pouring money into the NRA PAC. The Washington Free Beacon reports that the PAC received $779,063 in donations in February versus $247,985 in January.

Unitemized donations were $685,099.51 for the month of February. Itemized donations were $27,100 for the two weeks of February that preceded the Parkland shooting and $70,870 for the two weeks after.

Hogg’s work to dictate the course of democratic diatribes on the Second Amendment, and his hopes for total population disarmament, come just a few days after the Parkland “survivor” admitted that he himself was not present at the time of the school shooting.  Rather, Hogg rushed to the scene of the crime as soon as news broke in order to film his now famous iPhone propaganda piece.

Hogg is just the latest in a long line of leftist anti-gun personalities that have toed the line between fascism and totalitarianism, at least in his beliefs.  Unfortunately for all of us, however, Hogg has learned from the best, with the mainstream media’s incessant exploitation of emotional tragedy finding its way into the Parkland “survivor’s”repertoire with relative ease.


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