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There was a time, not long ago in this nation, where Americans could tune into a sporting event on television and use that experience to step away from the rigors of reality.

That’s what professional sports truly are to those of us who spectate them:  A way to live vicariously through some of the most talented athletes in the world.  It’s a fantasy land turned into tradition, and it has become an enormous part of our national culture, and the global society as well, leading to regular conversations about the effect that these athletes have as role models and members of the community.

The NFL is certainly not immune to this discussion thanks to the horrific personal behavior of a number of their overpaid athletes.


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Now, when you add in the entire “anthem kneeler” debacle, it becomes very easy to understand why America is turning away from the league in droves.  The virtue signaling of the leftist athletes runs perfectly perpendicular to the leagues reputation as a home for wayward kids who just happen to be big and/or fast.

To make matters worse, it looks like the owners are now getting in on the liberal lunacy as well.

Seattle Seahawks and Portland Trail Blazers owner, Paul Allen, is pushing a Washington State gun control initiative in response to the May 18 Santa Fe High School shooting.

The initiative, No. 1639, is called “Safe Schools, Safe Communities,” and it expands the gun controls placed on law-abiding citizens via the universal background check initiative that passed in 2014.

Initiative 1639 raises the legal age for semi-automatic rifle purchases to 21, although the gunman at Santa Fe High School used a shotgun. It also creates “an enhanced universal background check system,” although the Santa Fe High School gunman used his father’s guns, thereby bypassing any point of sale check. The initiative would also put in place a firearm safety course for would-be firearm purchasers, requiring them to secure a certificate from the state before being allowed to purchase a firearm. Again, this would not have stopped the Santa Fe High School gunman because he used his father’s legally owned firearms.

With the NFL on a steady decline in recent years, it has been suggested that the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding sports betting could have saved the endangered league.

Unfortunately, with a number of democratically-militant owners and socially ignorant athletes filling the ranks, it’s going to take more than some over-glorified Fan Duel to save the National Football League.



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