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The State of New York is a bit of a paradox when it comes to political leanings, thanks to the immense land mass of the state, and the unprecedented population gravity of The Big Apple.

Not unlike California, the population disparities between the massive cities and sprawling rural areas creates a less than perfect political climate where the left leaning and progressive city slickers can bully the representational democracy into submission, enacting legislation that adversely affects the remainder of the population.

In New York State, much of the controversy surrounding this political and geographical chasm has come in the form of a massive fight over gun rights, with New York City’s immense liberal population bullying the state legislature into some of the more ridiculous infringements of the 2nd Amendment that we’ve ever seen.

The latest piece of progressive pandering to cause a conflict has been the state’s method of issuing concealed carry permits – an atrocious aberration that is now being challenged in court.

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“A man denied a concealed carry permit and a Second Amendment group he is a member of filed a federal lawsuit last week arguing New York’s licensing scheme is unconstitutional.

“Refused a permit was Robert Nash, who joined with the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association — the NRA’s state affiliate — in filing a legal challenge against the state’s pistol permit laws and practice. Named as defendants in the suit are State Police Superintendent George Beech and state Supreme Court Justice Richard McNally, the latter of which refused to issue Nash a permit because, while the man passed the needed background checks, he could not show a “special need” to carry a firearm in public.

“’New York’s law claims to be a licensing scheme, but because licenses are only granted to a tiny percentage of New York citizens who can demonstrate they face an immediate, specific threat, in practical effect the law operates for most New Yorkers as a flat ban on carrying firearms for self-defense,’ said Tom King, NYSRPA president.

“According to the filing, Nash, who has all the qualifications outlined by New York law to apply for a permit, tried to obtain one in Rensselaer County in 2014. After waiting seven months he was granted a license marked, ‘hunting, target only’ which did not allow him to carry a gun in public for self-defense. Citing a string of robberies in his neighborhood as a good cause to carry, and showing he had completed advanced firearms training courses, Nash appealed to Justice McNally, the licensing officer for the county, to have the hunting and target restriction lifted. In 2016, McNally denied Nash’s request, saying that he did not ‘demonstrate a special need for self-defense that distinguished him from the general public.’”

Once again , we find ourselves in a battle over the four most important words in the entire 2nd Amendment:  Shall not be infringed.

Instances of pure, liberal lunacy, such as Nash’s issue, have been far too common in New York and other such geopolitically unique states, and will need addressing sometime in the very near future.  For New York, (and California), the real possibly of a state-splitting secession has been floated several times.  In the case of the Empire State, the two factions would be New York City becoming its own state, or possibly a district like Washington D.C., and the creation of New Amsterdam from the remaining land mass.

This all comes just weeks after New Yorker wholly rejected the idea of a state-wide gun registry, with over 80,000 gun owners refusing to register by the recent deadline.


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