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When it comes to keeping America and Americans safe, the Second Amendment has no equal in history, yet the left is continually attempting to repeal and reduce this ultimate insurance policy.

Even though the quote itself has been misattributed several times over the last 6 decades, the idea that American has guns “behind every blade of grass” has been one of the most powerful deterrents to forceful invasion that the world has ever known.  Any foreign nation attempting to step foot in America would not only face the most powerful military in the world, but also millions of domestically owned firearms behind at least a third of the doors that they would attempt to knock on.

In other words:  It ain’t happenin’.

This very same characteristic of the right to bear arms could be harnessed for our school children as well, and the good people of Texas are ready to make it so.

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survey of 961 Texas voters last month found a majority support arming teachers and security guards in public schools.

Five in 10 survey respondents with children under 18 in public schools support arming teachers, while 87 percent favor arming security guards, according to Quinnipiac.

The survey found Texas voters divided 49 percent to 45 percent in favor of stricter gun laws, just weeks after the state’s deadliest school shooting in more than 50 years. Nine in 10 respondents supported universal background checks, 64 percent favored safe storage laws and 50 percent agreed with a nationwide “assault weapons ban.”

The reasoning for this strong opinion will likely come as a shock to the liberal left, who are accustomed to emotional and tragic events being spun into the gun control agenda as opposed to the safe children agenda.

“The tragedy at the Santa Fe school south of Houston changed few opinions among Texas voters about gun control,” said Peter A. Brown, Quinnipiac’s assistant director. “Support for gun control in general is down slightly, while support for background checks for all gun buyers is virtually unchanged.”

Lawmakers converged at the state capitol Monday to discuss ways to make schools safer before reopening in August, according to a report from the Texas Tribune, including installing door sensors and beefing up mental health training for teachers.

Of course, the debate over the Second Amendment began in earnest in 2018 with the events of Valentine’s Day in Parkland, Florida.

That heinous attack has been misleadingly referred to as a “mass shooting”, ad nauseam by the mainstream media, when a much more accurate description would be “mental illness attack”.  Unfortunately, for our conflict-driven media, the truth tends to be a bit mundane for the advertising overlords they serve.


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