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The left certainly had a heyday lambasting President Trump’s numerous mentions of the “Space Force” branch of the military that he is willing into being, but the move is a deadly serious one.

Given the incredible rate at which technology is improving on the globe, there is little doubt that space, as a frontier, is about to receive a treatment not unlike the North American continent did during Manifest Destiny.  That is to say:  America is about to be all up in there.

Of course, where Americans go, the world follows, and we have certainly not seen our last space race.  (Although, for the record, we’re still #1 in that department).

So, we must undoubtedly stay on our toes, especially given the facts that our society is now heavily dependent on space-centric technology for communication, and nations such as Russia are getting pretty darn bold in what they’re throwing around up there.

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So Space Force is likely more necessity than neat addition, at least according to NASA.

NASA’s administrator is a strong defender of President Donald Trump’s proposals for space — including an armed force and a permanent presence on the moon — and says he wants Americans to realize how much their well-being depends on what happens far above Earth.

“Every banking transaction requires a GPS signal for timing,” Jim Bridenstine said in an interview. “You lose the GPS signal and guess what you lose? You lose banking.”

“If you look at what space is, it’s not that much different than the ocean,” added Bridenstine, who made 333 aircraft-carrier landings as a Navy pilot. “It’s an international domain that has commerce that needs to be protected.”

And while some were surprised by the President’s push for a Space Force, the idea is certainly not a new one.

How to establish U.S. security in space has been debated for at least two decades. An independent commission — led by Donald Rumsfeld before he became defense secretary — reported in 2001 that “in the longer term it may be met by a military department for space.”

Some 60 different agencies within the defense establishment play roles in space-related work, said Todd Harrison, director of the Aerospace Security Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. That may slow the realization of Trump’s goal. “This isn’t going to happen quickly.” Harrison said.

Now we just need to find a few brave young men who’ve never watched the Alien movie series.




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