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I get it.  The Second Amendment that been around for 240-some years, and some of that shiny “newness” has worn off over the course of a couple of dozen decades.

And, sure, it’s a little boring by today’s standards.  It’s been standing so long that Americans are frankly sick about arguing over it.  That hasn’t stopped the liberal left, however, from launching a full-on assault on the right to bear arms after any and all gun-related incidents.  (Snarky pun intended).

The heat has certainly been on recently as well, thanks to a number of firearm-involved crimes in the early goings of 2018 having erroneously been blamed on the Second Amendment when, in fact, these crimes have been committed by a number of mentally unstable individuals who had already been known to police.

Gun or no gun, these deranged young men would have created chaos, mayhem, and death regardless – we must never forget that.

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Yet, still, the liberal left has taken advantage of these crimes as if they were their own to meddle with, molding them into whatever narrative they believe will best permeate the minds of young, millennial voters who the democrats rely on to stay in power.  In the wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting alone, a number of enormous events sprung up to piggyback off of the sudden interest that the left had in repealing the Second Amendment.

Now, finally, a pro-2A event has emerged from the tragedy, aiming to educate the nation’s youth about the true nature of the all-important, inalienable right.

“Parkland students don’t speak for me.” That’s the message from a New Mexico high schooler in the ongoing debate about gun control after students from Parkland, Florida, started a national movement in the wake of the deadly shooting at their school.

“It’s definitely growing very fast,” said Carlsbad teen, Will Riley. He started the “Stand for the Second” movement just last week.

“We are standing for the second amendment and we are standing up for the natural right that is protected by the constitution which is that you can bear arms to protect yourself and to protect your country,” Riley said.


And what does the studious young Riley think of Hogg and his cohorts?  His answer is far more diplomatic than anything that has emerged from the radical left.

Riley said, “The majority of the Parkland students, especially the most famous ones, David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez, they’ve come out very strongly against guns.”

However, Riley argues there’s more to it than that.

“I think someone who has gone through something like that, while we should listen to them and try to accommodate them, I don’t think we should be making all of our policy decisions on what someone who’s been through something so horrible was saying right after because it may not be reasonable,” Riley said.

Given the recent nonsensical rants being sprouted by folks such as David Hogg, it will be extremely welcome to hear what Riley has to say on the national stage.


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