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Do gun control laws keep guns out of the hands criminals or reduce the amount of gun violence?

If you listen to the neo-coms (new communists=Democrats), you would be led to believe that the more gun control laws, the fewer guns would be in hands of criminals and the fewer incidents of gun violence, but that’s far from the real world.

We know that the three cities that top the nation’s homicide and gun violence list all have strict gun control laws, so we know these laws don’t reduce gun violence, so what about guns in the hands of criminals?

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According to the latest report from the country music capital of the nation, Nashville, criminals are still getting guns. The only difference being seen is that the police report they are confiscating 23% more illegal guns this year than last year, but the total number of guns are not dropping.

So far in Nashville, police officers have confiscated 23 percent more illegal firearms in 2017 than 2016.

This weekend, the department will continue their push to reduce gun violence by hosting a Gift Cards for Guns event.

It takes place on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Greater Revelations Missionary Baptist Church in North Nashville.

Each Davidson County resident or family unit who surrenders real firearms will receive a $50 Mapco gift card and a $25 Kroger gift card.

“If you have a pistol in the home or a shotgun or a rifle, and you believe there’s a chance this could fall into the wrong hands, and this gun is not being otherwise used, please bring it to us. Get it out of the home, prevent it from going to the streets, prevent it from being used to commit a crime,” said Metro police spokesman Don Aaron…

When will Democrats learn that people are criminals NOT because of guns but because of our Godless society? Man is by nature evil and prone to do evil without any kind of moral guideline to live by, and those moral guidelines in America have been stripped from society in general. Consequently, people will do evil, and if they are intent on obtaining a gun, they will do so illegally.




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