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Can you remember back to when you were 5-years-old? Most of us can. Did anything happen to you or your family back then that was traumatic that you recall?

Generally traumatic incidents are the ones that we seem to remember the most about. Now, imagine what would happen to a 5-year-old today if they were sitting on one of their parents’ laps, enjoying a gun meal at a restaurant when someone approaches the table and stabs the parent in the neck. Do you think the memory of that event, with the blood spurting and flowing all over will be something a child can forget or will it haunt them the rest of their lives?

(Great American Politics) – What could be more horrifying for a 5-year-old girl than to be sitting on her father’s lap in a restaurant when someone comes up and stabs her dad in the neck?

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That’s what happened to the 5-year-old daughter of Anthony Mele, 35, as he, his wife and daughter were enjoying a meal at the Aloha Steakhouse, Wednesday night. While the girl was happily sitting on her daddy’s lap, 49-year-old Jamal Jackson, a homeless black American, reportedly walked into the restaurant, approached Mele and stabbed him in the neck. Mele was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery to save his life, but Thursday evening, he was taken off of life support and declared dead.

Mele’s daughter is old enough to remember this horrifying event for the rest of her life. It wouldn’t be surprising for both his daughter and wife to have nightmares, reliving their last night together as a family and then stabbing and blood everywhere…

This was a case of a black man stabbing and killing a non-black man while his young daughter was sitting on his lap and his wife was sitting across from him. Yet, there has been no outcry of racism or call for more knife control. Had it been the other way around, black activists would have been all over it calling it an act of racism.

Over the past year, it seems that stabbings have increased or at least they are in the news more but no seems to make as big of deal of them as they do had a gun been used. Clearly, the murder of Anthony Mele in Ventura demonstrates the hypocrisy of racism and gun control in America.




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