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In the early stages of 2018, our nation took a hearty turn toward totalitarianism after liberal gun grabbers latched onto a tragedy in Florida.

The death of 17 people at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland could very easily have been prevented.  In fact, the sheer lack of response by authorities, at the local, state, and federal level most certainly allowed Nikolas Cruz the opportunity to inflict the damage that he did before being taken into custody.

Yet none of that matter to the radical left, who have been wholly exploiting this tragedy in order to advance their gun control agenda.  A number of state and local governments have been hopping on board with this latest gun grab as well, with New Jersey leading the way the day after the shooting.

One would-be Governor of Minnesota, however, has had enough of the left’s incessant gun grabbing nonsense, and has put his foot down in the most epic of ways.

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From an open letter penned by Gubernatorial Candidate Jeff Johnson himself:

I understand that gun violence is a very difficult and emotional issue, but every time we have a national tragedy that involves a firearm, it leads to an immediate “national conversation” about restricting 2nd Amendment rights. (And, by the way, it’s never actually a “conversation” since anyone disagreeing with the prevailing orthodoxy is labeled indifferent to the killing of children or a tool of the NRA – but that’s a different topic).

What always follows these tragedies is a movement based on the principle that the 2nd Amendment is the problem and gun restrictions on law-abiding citizens are the solution.

I strongly disagree.

When government is attempting to address a problem – especially a problem that will affect the Constitutional rights of Americans – we should be solely focused on government actions that will actually address that problem, not on measures that make politicians feel good or look good.

This is why I oppose new gun restrictions to address mass shootings – they will not solve (or even diminish) the problem.

The proposals I’ve seen to address the Parkland shooting (spanning the gamut from higher age restrictions on gun purchases to actually repealing the 2nd Amendment) ignore the fact that we already have many gun restrictions and requirements in place at both the state and national level and government is doing a pretty poor job of enforcing them.

And, as if there was any doubt left about where he stands, Johnson doubled down:

As Governor, any legislative action I take will always be directly aimed at solving a problem, not making politicians feel good.  Consequently, I will not sign any new gun restrictions as your Governor but WILL work tirelessly to address violence in Minnesota, keep our kids safe and enforce the laws we already have on the books.

It looks as thought the Minnesota American faithful will have someone to look forward to on the ballot after all.



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