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When it comes to the ill-conceived and poorly executed “March For Our Lives” event in Washington D.C., no amount of hypocrisy seems to be too far fetched for the storyline.

One of the first inclinations that these enthusiastic young minds were a bit off the mark was their admission that the possibility of a bump-stock ban was “just the beginning”.  By openly letting the world know that they are looking to whittle away at the Second Amendment until it is no longer effective puts them in the same boat as totalitarian regimes of the past who employed the “innocence” of youth to push their anti-gun agenda.

And we shouldn’t need to remind anyone of how increased gun control in 1930’s Germany turned out.

In yet another bit of ironic hilariousness, these social justice warriors, whose mommies and daddies dropped them off for their precious little march, hired rapper Vic Mensa to perform at the event.  The only problem there is that Vic Mensa was arrested on a felony weapons charge just over a year ago.

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Mensa was arrested in Beverly Hills after being found with a concealed handgun without a California concealed carry license.

On March 7, 2017, TMZ reported, “[Mensa] was stopped in Beverly Hills … for running a stop sign and having tinted windows … according to law enforcement sources. We’re told he informed cops he had a gun in his car and showed them his concealed carry permit. The problem is … cops say the permit is for another state.”

Mensa faced “felony” charges for the incident but was able to plead down to “two years probation.”

In addition to performing Saturday, Mensa called out another rapper, Killer Mike, for criticizing march participants who blindly follow the “progressive movement.” Killer Mike warned that gun control ultimately means blacks lose the guns with which they protect their freedom.

“Killer” Mike Render is an Atlanta area icon known not only for this politically charged music, but also for his local activism.

Render, although aligning himself with Bernie Sanders on issues of income inequality and economics, is not too far to the left when it comes to firearms, believing that owning a gun could very well be an insurance policy against having other rights violated.

Also worth noting, Render can dish it out just as brutally as anyone, breaking the 4th wall on Twitter to lambast Mensa’s petulant diss.




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