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Those who wish to see the Second Amendment destroyed in our nation are going to great lengths to disrupt our ability to exercise our right to bear arms, and their efforts are spreading far and wide both in scope and style.

The amendment itself will never be repealed, removed, or nullified so long as America itself exists…that is a simple fact that I have personally outline a number of times through various articles in this very website.  The reason for this reality is simple; even if there were to be a repealing piece of legislation passed through both houses of congress and signed by the President, enforcement could never, and would never work.

First, there would be military defections by the thousands over the policy, with some who choose desertion doing so out of respect for the Constitution, and some doing so out of fear of going door to door, confronting angry gun owners.

You have to dissolve American to repeal the Second Amendment.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not about to let that happen.

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So, instead of going after an ernest repeal, the left is making gun ownership scary, confusing, and difficult.  Just take the LA Times for example, and a recent article in which they completely botched the reality of what semi-automatic weapons are capable of.

The Los Angeles Times described commonly-owned semiautomatic firearms as “rapid-fire weapons” on Monday, continuing its campaign for gun control.

The ominous description is part of the left’s habit of describing AR-15s and other commonly-owned semiautomatics as weapons of war.

The Times segued into the topic while warning that President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, could vote to overturn “assault weapons” bans. The paper quickly re-classified “assault weapons” as “rapid-fire weapons,” warning that a conservative court could overturn bans on “rapid-fire weapons.”

These claims overlook the fact that a semiautomatic rifle fires one round each time the trigger is pulled, period. The same is true for a semiautomatic handgun or a double-action revolver.

Therefore, to say the guns fire rapidly is a relative claim at best, a misleading one at worst. Moreover, although a trigger can be pulled quickly on a commonly-owned semiautomatic rifle or handgun — or a double-action revolver — accuracy is lost in so doing, except in the case of professional sport shooters.

And while this is surely an infuriatingly false thing to be insinuating, there is more danger in this statement than meets the eye.

Remember, the Second Amendment only truly exists in order for the American people to be able to overthrow a corrupt government…no matter if that government is that of a foreign invader, or something a bit more domestic.  Without semi-automatic weapons of a certain proficiency, there would be no way in which we could accomplish this inalienable right.



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