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While Americans are known the world over for their overt boldness and self-assured ways, here in The States, we often worry that political correctness has neutered us.

Donald Trump made this an important talking point during his 2016 campaign, railing against the trimmed up list of “allowed” verbiage, all while Obama and his cronies worked to invent new terms and pronouns – a tactic used to “date” those who were not keen to the ever-expanding linguistic litigation within the court of public opinion.

Take, for instance, the seventy plus gender pronouns that liberals would like us to recognize, including these brand new terms that have no basis in biology:

zie zim zir zis zieself
sie sie hir hirs hirself
ey em eir eirs eirself
ve ver vis vers verself
tey ter tem ters terself
e em eir eirs emself

I think I’ll just stick to what we’ve been using for millennia, if you don’t mind.

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It is this sort of nonchalance over reality that has led us down a bizarre path in America, where we blame someone’s ability to commit a crime instead of allowing the responsibility to lay at the feet of the perpetrator.

“Nikolas Cruz only killed people at Parkland because he had a gun”.

No, Nikolas Cruz was hearing demonic voices in his head, and if you are claiming to understand how he was thinking, I’m not going to take your opinion very seriously.

It is this deep removal of ourselves from reality that Texas Governor Greg Abbot is concerned about, and he’s right.

At the NRA convention in Dallas Friday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said religion and the Second Amendment are the best ways to curb gun violence and mass shootings.

“The answer to gun violence is not to take guns away, the answer is to strengthen the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens,” said Abbott during his brief speech to about 5,000 firearm enthusiasts. “The problem is not guns, it’s hearts without God.”

Beyond installing the Lord in godless hearts, the only policy endorsed by the conservative leaders who spoke at the convention was putting more guns in the hands of trained teachers and school guards. Abbott pointed out that Texas lawmakers “already authorized our teachers to be armed in our schools.”

We can’t go on pretending that reality is subjective.  It simply isn’t, and to relegate our success as a race to a wishy-washy, variable-truth model is simply inexcusable.

Again:  The Second Amendment will exist for as long as our Founding Father’s America exists.  It’s up to We The People to decide how long that’s going to be.


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