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Of the great and grand hypocrisies of the left, few are as intrinsically idiotic as the lack of ecological knowledge possessed by those who deem themselves “green” or “eco-friendly”.

In fact, a number of the more absurd tactics that these democratic dunces employ have had horribly negative effects on the environment we live in, both ecologically and economically – two symbiotic pieces of our society that work far more harmoniously than the left can comprehend.

One of the most egregious of these misunderstandings comes to us from the world of hunting, and, specifically, the population control aspect of the practice.  You see, in order for humans to exist and prosper, room has to be made for them.  After all, we are the apex predator of entire planet, and our sentience has allowed us to understand that our relationship with nature must be carefully cultivated.

Hunting is an essential piece of that cultivation.  Without population control in place, our effect one the environment could cause seriously adverses changes to the makeup of our local biosphere, causing far more harm than good.

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In short:  You can’t leave it alone and expect positive results.  Hunting has become a necessity for a number of geographical biomes, and without it, we would be doing serious damage to our planet.

One fine example of this is the coyote population.

These predators, in small numbers, are of no concern to modern man.  Skittish and skinny, coyotes will tend to leave Americans well enough alone in moderation.  The problem comes when we allow their populations to spiral out of control, and soon this saturation leads to desperation and we end up with these wild animals picking off neighborhood cats, small dogs, and livestock.

As such, the laws regarding the hunting of coyotes are often quite lax, with many states having designated the canids as “nuisance” animals.

One town in Massachusetts has been so overrun with coyotes that a local shop has offered a “prize” for the largest volume of coyotes culled, as well an another prize for the largest individual animal harvested.

Of course, the haters have come out in droves.

“Hunters and gun rights activists traded jeers with animal rights advocates picketing outside a gun shop on Barnstable Road on Saturday to voice opposition to what the store is calling its ‘first annual Coyote Contest.’

“’Killing animals for pleasure is the number-one symptom of psychopathy,’ one protester called into a megaphone.”

Of course, the reality of the situation isn’t that simple

“The animals are ‘extremely bold. They’re not afraid of people anymore,’ said Brian Rapoza, of Fall River, who had brought in to be weighed at Powderhorn a 37.8-pound female coyote he killed just that morning at his father’s home in Berkley.

“In the past couple of years, coyotes have killed 13 or 14 of his father’s chickens, Rapoza said.

“’I’ve watched them take them,’ he said. ‘That whole area’s a big problem. The farm next door’s got a big problem with them. . . . I’ve got a male that I want to get. He stands there and stares at us when we’re standing in the driveway.’”

That spooky sight would be enough for anyone to consider any and all solutions to this sort of problem.

Perhaps, through education, we can one day make clear the positive impacts of hunting and game management to our dear friends on the left.  Until then, these pedantic displays of ignorance will likely continue, and the price of the eco-warriors’ “farm fresh” eggs will likely go up thanks to the coyotes’ unfettered access to farmland.


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