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Liberals will use any tragedy to push their anti-Second Amendment agenda on the American people. Many are questioning why the FBI gave the Fort Lauderdale shooter his gun back after evidence of his mental illness.

He was incoherent and agitated. Voices in his head told him to join ISIS, according to law enforcement sources.

Authorities were so concerned when Esteban Santiago visited the FBI Anchorage, Alaska, office in November that they confiscated his gun and ordered a mental health evaluation. A month later, Santiago retrieved the weapon from police headquarters.
Last week, Santiago, 26, used that same gun, law enforcement sources said, to kill five people and wound several others at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Santiago confessed to planning the assault, according to court papers.
As authorities work to pinpoint Santiago’s motive, others are asking another question: Why did the suspected gunman still have his firearm?


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