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It is incredibly difficult to understand just how the liberal left can ignore the unbridled power and gravity of the Second Amendment.

This isn’t Amendment 9 or 12 or 71b.  This is Amendment number two.  The only thing that our founders felt was more important than the right to bear arms was the right to let your fellow countrymen know just how sketchy your tyrannical overlords were being.

The guns were there for when the tyrannical overlords stopped listening.

So when the left goes around using social media to shame corporations for their Constitutional support of the second most important thing our Founding Fathers considered for the impetus of our nation, they are literally trying to wedge words in between the First and Second Amendments.  Frankly, it’s a little silly.

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Next in line on the liberal chopping block is Publix, a grocery chain that is bucking the trend as far as capitulation to public opinion tyrants.

Publix Super Markets Inc. is facing a possible boycott after the store gave $670,000 to Adam Putnam — a pro-business, pro-Second Amendment candidate running for governor of Florida.

Putnam has claimed to be a champion of the Second Amendment but had trouble committing to a firm stance on the new firearm restrictions Governor Rick Scott signed into law. Putnam’s opponent, Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis, said he would have vetoed the law, which raised the shotgun and rifle purchase age from 18 to 21, banned bump stocks, and instituted a three-day waiting period to purchase long guns.

Anti-gun activist and Parkland student David Hogg also commented on the story and said he would be joining the effort to boycott the popular southeast super market chain.

The hashtag, #BoycottPublix, was shared on social media and has put the company on the defensive.

And while it is refreshing to see Publix standing their ground in this debate, the fact that Americans are shaming one another over one of the pillars of our society is ludicrous to begin with.  It is akin to throwing away the lessons of the American Revolution; lessons that were reiterated and galvanized through our founding documents.

The Bill of Rights is above the petty squabbles, but the left just won’t allow us to recognize that.


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