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The actions of the mentally ill Nikolas Cruz in Florida last week has spurred an enormous conversation in American regarding the Second Amendment.

This is the case whenever the nation faces a tragedy involving guns, even when it isn’t a gun tragedy, per se.  Such was the case in Florida, where our attacker, Nikolas Cruz, had long fantasized about committing an atrocity at his former high school, even going so far as to post about it on YouTube in the months leading up to his attack.

When his mental state finally reached the point of action, it was a gun that he chose to commit his atrocity, but there is no evidence that he would have abstained in the absence of a firearm.  It’s likely that Cruz would have looked to poison or stab his former classmates had a firearm not been available.

Still, the left is pushing their ridiculous gun control agenda in the immediate aftermath, hoping to prey on the emotions of those affected.

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As we explore these ideas as a nation, thanks to the actions of Cruz and the liberal media, many outlets are beginning to come to the same conclusion:  Repealing the Second Amendment would create an entirely new, more dangerous problem altogether.

From Newsmax:

“Now we have some of the strictest gun laws ever in this country and now city and states with the most stringent of all have the highest crime and murder rates. So, the notion that more gun laws will fix this problem has been proven time and time again to be wrong. However, Democrats can’t seem to embrace facts, which shows, their agenda is to abolish the Second Amendment.

“Let’s just say hypothetically, that the Second Amendment is repealed, and all guns are confiscated from law-abiding Americans; I say law-abiding because they are the only ones who will give them up, believe me, the criminals will keep theirs.”

This is the crux of the issue, and a similar situation to what we’ve experienced in Chicago, Illinois thanks to their handgun ban from 1982 to 2014.

“Only law enforcement and the military will be allowed to have guns leaving every law-abiding American vulnerable to the criminal element without protection. Just like prohibition created a criminal black market for alcohol, so one will be created for guns as we have never seen before. Most of these black-market guns will go to criminals and be smuggled over the border, and everyday Americans will turn into the prey of thugs who will rule the streets as they do in Chicago, however, this will most likely occur in every place of America.

“So, this law will be ignored by the same people who commit the horrible violence we see today, and therefore it will not stop. Guns will be more readily available to mass shooters to buy on the street just like drugs, and we will relive the same nightmares we experience today only it will be worse. Some will say well; we could stop the guns from being smuggled into the country. My response, yes, just like we stop the drugs from coming in! Things may get so bad that even law-abiding Americans and liberals alike will start purchasing guns for themselves to protect their families, turning them into criminals. Believe me, it will happen: I have seen law-abiding New Yorkers buy guns on the street just to protect themselves from thugs with no other recourse because of the strict gun laws. I’m sure the same happens in other crime-ridden cities run by Democrats.”

This black market will be unstoppable, as it was in Chicago, but on a much more severe scale.

A national Chiraq-like situation would mean even more gun-related deaths thanks to the reality of a largely disarmed population of “good guys” in America.  Furthermore, the cash flow of the nation’s criminal enterprises will increase, allowing these miscreants unfettered access to a number of nefarious goods and services to offer to their clients.

And, with fewer Americans able to compete with them in firepower, the nation will devolve into a free for all for these wannabe gangsters.



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